Saturday, April 26, 2008


In preparation for our trip this summer, when we will be driving from New Mexico to Pennsylvania and then on to Florida, I have collected a large stack of books to "release" along the way. (of course, I probably should save a few to possibly barter for gasoline). If you are a member of Book Crossing then you understand what I am talking about. If you are not, there is a link to the web site right over there -------------> on the blog sidebar where you can read all about it.
As a Book Crossing member, you delight in taking books from your shelves, where they are doing NO good, and releasing them into the world so that others can enjoy them. It is a very easy process to record a book on the site where you then get a registration number to record on a label and stick to the inside first page of the book. Additional labels can be created to encourage people to pick up the book you have secretly left in a restaurant, on a park bench, on a store shelf, in a restroom, or any place where the public will find it. I have created labels that say "FREE" and "TAKE ME!".
Also, I put each book in a zip top bag so that it can be left outside. It is hoped that the person "catching" the book will access the Book Crossing site and journal where the book was found and where that person has released it again.
So dear readers, I challenge you to become a Book Crossing member. When your "released" book is "caught" and then released again, you will receive an e-mail when the book's new location is journaled. Go ahead. Play. Clean out your shelves to make way for new books. It just makes sense!


Ricë said...

great idea! let me know how it goes-- said...

I will be posting all along our trip and if I remember, will add the book releases too!