Tuesday, April 22, 2008


On our way into town this morning we could smell the fire and we saw the fire fighter "tent city" situated on the Mountainair Activity Center grounds. We also saw a huge assortment of cardboard boxes full of supplies to support the fire fighting effort. The good news today is that the winds have become weaker. At last report, however, we have lost 4000 acres, 9 homes, 9 out buildings and 2 motor homes. How sad for these people. The fire continues to burn and is only 28% contained. We hope for continued calmer winds and maybe some rain to help out these brave fire fighters.

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Dee Marcellus Cole said...

We have a tent city of 200 homeless people. The city of Ontario has provided tents/toilets/security/social workers. For awhile homeless peopel came from all ever USA! It was more than Ontario could cope with. Now tent city is limited to homeless that have or had connections to Ontario. The rest have moved on to underpasses/doorways. dee