Monday, May 19, 2008


I have spent many hours over the past few days stitching on the challenge quilt. My finger tips are sore but I love this part. Most of the top of the first layer of the quilt is now stitched. The next step is to secure the top to the back around the edges with, you guessed it, more hand stitching. I am really happy with how the words developed with metallic paint and red embroidery thread. After the top quilt edges are secured, it will be time to adhere the large red fabric heart, the planet and the tiny red flower. I am leaving these elements for last so they won't get worn with all of the handling that goes on with hand stitching. I think most of this art quilt will be finished while I am on vacation back east. I am quite happy with it so far.... Postscript: How did my Mother's hands get in my photo?


Laurie said...

Hey, Jude,
I love all your artwork - those shoes are awesome - but I'm really digging these quilts since I'm about to take the plunge myself. Just wanted to say hi. said...

Thanks! Have you seen the art journal quilts on Rice's web site? THEY are truly awesome! Go check them out ok?