Sunday, May 4, 2008


This bunny comes into the courtyard every day to eat and drink. He is one of several who have adopted us it seems. They let us get pretty close and are quite tame.
They share the courtyard with many different kinds of birds, a couple of really hungry squirrels and a family of chipmunks. Occasionally we see a roadrunner walking along the top of the adobe straw wall. We have a pair of them living on our land and have named them "Alice" and "Cooper".
My favorite courtyard creatures are the doves. We have two pair of mourning doves and two pair of ring-necked turtle doves. They are so sweet, often jittery and always show up in pairs. I don't suspect I will be able to get photographs of them!
Every morning I put out an assortment of bird seeds and some dried bread crumbs as well as two pans of water and a shallow pan for bird bathing.
My south facing windows in my studio allow me to observe all of them all day long. They bring us such joy!

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