Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Oh yea! Finally it is raining. I realize in other parts of the country this is not a reason for celebration but here in central New Mexico it is an event. We have had weeks and weeks of dry blowing dust and low humidity. We have just lost almost 14,000 acres of our beautiful Manzano Mountains to fire. Our dirt road has suffered and as a result the sharp stones that eat tires appear to have risen to the top as the anchoring dirt has been pulverized and blown away. So, we have rain! Here is a photograph of the back porch edge and steps showing real rain drops. It is a blessing......may it continue all day.


KathyB said...

"Hey Jude, enjoy the rain,
Guess a few drops, Can make it be-e-e-ter.
Remember, To let it on to your skin.
Then you'll be-gin, To get yourself wet-ter,

(apologies to the Beatles ) said... artist AND a poet you are:)