Saturday, September 6, 2008


Martha has a sweet cat named "Buster". He follows her to Cora's Bakery on Saturday morning and sits quietly near her feet as she reads to the children. If she is not too busy, Cora will bring him a saucer of cream. Sometimes on a warm sunny day Buster will wander over to the group of children and select one as an appropriate place for a good nap. He curls up in that special lap and dozes until story hour is over. Miss Martha loves sharing Buster with the children and the children give Buster a lot of petting, which he is quite sure he is entitled to.


Anonymous said...

Have you thought of stuffing Buster with catnip for gift for out furry friends? I think I will make a 'toy' for Miss Su Su. Dee

judemowris said...

Great idea Dee!