Monday, January 26, 2009


....because she really needs to be here.
Every afternoon Roy and I take a walk around the land, something that must be good for our hearts! Today I am taking you walking with us. The temperature is nice, around 55 degrees but the wind is really whipping! Makes it feel colder than it really is.
Our walk starts from the back porch and traverses the old ranch road ( going east and west but at an angle) that was here long before we were. It is no longer used for ranching (as we are not bean farmers) but you can still see faint lines where it was. This is me walking that path. And this is Roy.At the end of this road we turn left onto the real road which runs along the north side of our land. We continue this to the corner and turn left again, onto the road that runs along the west side of the land. We continue down this slope and then turn left again, back onto the old ranch road. It is a bit of a strange triangle route we walk! Occasionally Roy stops to examine an unusual rock and we are ever on the lookout for that rare piece of pottery. They are few but we have found some. Since the grasses are tall in places, it is important to be on the lookout for small cactus that hide underneath, waiting to attack unsuspecting ankles. We have learned how to avoid most. This, is our afternoon walk. I hope you enjoyed it!


Sue said...

I did enjoy it, thank you so much. I needed that! We were out of Ohio, but not near you, unfortunately :-(

judemowris said...

I guessed you would be gone this week, so thought you might like this.(hey)Jude