Thursday, January 22, 2009


Because I did NOT want to miss the most important inauguration on Tuesday, I attended the Thursday pottery class today. Of course you do know, I was on a mission! I have been thinking about the clay embellishments I want for my line of wallets, purses and tote bags. I did manage to get through the required elements today (coiled pot and a coiled cup) and moved quickly on to my goal project. With the blessings and help of Tomas, I created fifty-two little pieces that look like pottery shards with wonderful designs in the surface. About one third of them have a center hole in the event I want to attach them with colorful embroidery thread. The rest are solid and will need to be attached with a strong glue. The process was quite simple. I rolled out some clay using thin strips of wood on either side to get a constant thickness. Then, using some flexible rubber stamp sheets, I pressed them into the clay, again with the rolling pin. With a sharp tool I cut random shapes from the stamped clay. After gently smoothing the edges, I placed them on a board to dry. I wonder how much warping will happen when they dry? If they warp too much, I won't be able to get a good flat glue surface. Better hope for the best, huh. Does this mean I have to make 52 bags? Oh my.

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