Friday, January 9, 2009


I went outside this morning as usual to feed the birds. Now there is a bunny who is sitting by the sheet pan in the morning, waiting. He never moves as I carefully put the seeds down. I have opened up an auxiliary dining room about 10 feet away so the little birds can eat without intimidation. They appreciate that! This morning Roy sat down and wrote a poem, for me, about my birds. He makes me feel very special. I don't really "get" poetry. I don't see symbolism that others see, I don't see hidden messages that others see. I think I was ruined for poetry in school when the teachers insisted I "see" things and mediocre grades happened when I didn't. This poem is good for me. I get it. I also "get" Edgar Allen Poe. Should I tell Roy he writes poetry as well as Poe? Sure!
"Love Teaches Many Lessons"
A circle gives example
A loving heart gives
Giving children life lessons.
A Mother teaches her babe
Values soak through mind
Tender heart prepared to give.
A plan is happily made
Her heart is aglow
Little ones in need will feed.
With loving care she chooses seeds
Heart light she scatters
Quickly she retreats inside.
Small seeds spread upon the ground
So much fluttering
Makes a smile live on her face.
- Roy Kirby


Vanessa said...

We're letting out all Roy's secret selves out of the just right & left, aren't we? Not just craftsman, but also poet and artist. Is he blushing yet?

Have you broken the news of moving plans to bunnies and birds yet?

Anonymous said...

There will be another storm headed your way. I am anxious to see fired pieces. cheers d