Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Well, actually, we just got a kitchen island which has doubled the counter space. It came in 3 boxes delivered by UPS and was assembled by Roy in an evening.
::::Cautionary note to my local readers; UPS decided it was too inconvenient to actually deliver the 3 boxes. The driver dropped them by the side of the road about a half mile from our house! Fortunately, one of our neighbors investigated the boxes, saw Roy's name, loaded them in the trunk of her car and delivered them. Be assured I am on the hunt for some one's head on a platter.:::::::::::
Back to the island! There were bags and bags of screws and other metal things and many many pieces of pre-drilled nicely finished boards. Here it is finished and in all its glory. It fits perfectly in the kitchen. I am thinking it would be a wonderful place to put out cheese and wine, yes?


Anonymous said...

Ask Roy if that picture if him reading the directions was just posed for the blog. What man actually READS directions? Of course it doesn't count if he was just looking at the pictures. :)

Anonymous said...

yeah for Roy and your honest neighbor. I looks great. dee

judemowris said...

Ha! He TOTALLY reads directions! A one-of-a-kind he is!