Friday, April 3, 2009


This is scary stuff now! Am I too old to learn? Nope. My sister Kathy sent me this book. While my left shoulder is healing, I can draw with my right hand and be successful, so she says. There are a series of lessons for me to follow. The first one is to sit in front of a mirror and draw my face. I had a real fear it would look just like Charlie Brown. I'm not sure who this is on my paper; but certainly this old hag of a librarian (apologies to all librarians) is not me! Ah, but it is.It was a fun exercise. I think when I finish all of the drawing exercises, I will again have to tackle the self portrait. It is assumed I will have learned something along the way and that the final portrait will resemble me. I plan to take you all on this journey with me. The good, the bad and the ugly will be presented here for all to see. Now, isn't that just so brave of me! For those of you who notice small details, I have signed it with my maiden name.


Anonymous said...

That is a terrific book. Remember it is the process not the product. I did not know you are left wonder healing is an additional struggle. cheers and draw on...dee

KB in BR said...

Yes Judy ... that IS very brave !
I'm excited to see where this takes you. Your PRE drawing tickled me. That was a pretty good pretest portrait .... but ... uh ... who's driver's license were you looking at?
I'm behind you all the way and I know you will do just fine. Hey, "YES YOU CAN ! " ... (and I feel privileged to watch you ) THANXFERSHARIN !