Friday, March 12, 2010


Last fall, shortly after we moved into our new home, my sister and I spent an afternoon planting more bulbs than I care to remember. The next day, I watched with dismay as a red squirrel ran all over digging holes in the still soft dirt. I was sure he had eaten every single daffodil bulb! Apparently I was totally wrong! I am seeing bulbs coming up all over the place. I am so happy!


Anonymous said...

Wahoo! They're up! Can't wait to see them in bloom.

JM said...

Oh Jude! What an amazing nature photo! It's so beautiful! I just love spring for it's the renewal of life! Isn't it wonderful to see those new babies grow? Happy to see the rascally squirrels didn't get all the bulbs. I don't think they eat them...just move them. Do they eat them? Hmmmm...perhaps I should do a bit of research on that. I can tell you that all the bulbs I buried in planters seem to survive better then the ones in my gardens.
Just week we can officially call it spring! Yipeee!
Getting close to spring hugs,
Joan :)

(hey)Jude said...

Oh Joan, I am glad you liked the photo. I am NOT a photographer and for sure I am NOT a gardener. But, this year I am determined to learn the basics of gardening and to have some success at growing something!

JM said...

Well Jude...I did my research and indeed the rascals love those bulbs! So much so that if they find a bulb while digging to hide a nut, they will exchange the nut for the bulb! So, you might want to do what I do. Put those bulbs in planters. For year round color, layer several varieties of bulbs and seeds that come up at different times. It really works. I had several planters done that way before I moved to NM. Unfortunately, I can't find those planters so I'll just have to start some new ones. Anyway...good luck with your gardening. It can become very addicting! ;)

(hey)Jude said...

Thanks for the info and good advice! We have a really BIG front porch that would hold lots of containers! We are also talking about putting up a greenhouse which would certainly solve a lot of those problems.