Wednesday, March 3, 2010


A very nervous daughter getting ready to dance.......and looking beautiful in turquoise!
Excitement! Shock! Disbelief! Joy!
My dear daughter took part last weekend in her first Feis (competition) for Irish Step Dancing. She competed in two dances and came away with two medals! A silver and a gold. Congratulations Erin Kelly!She has been taking Irish Step Dancing lessons for only a few months but felt she was ready and wanted to compete. I guess she was ready! There was a large contingent of family and friends there to cheer her on and then to all go out to eat and celebrate after the event.
She competed in the adult class and wore that lovely dark green velvet dress I made for her. In fact, it was probably the dress that turned it all in her favor (grin).
Here you see Erin on the left and a fellow classmate on the right.
One of her friends brought her flowers and here she is wearing those medals. This is one happy young lady! (already looking forward to her next competition)


Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Erin. what a wonderful adventure in the world of performance!! hugs d

Aunt KathyB said...

I'm quite proud of Erin! ..and she looks so darn cute in 'your' dress. Tops it all off that her name is so overtly Irish. (you made that for her too, -right?) However she was the dedicated dancer who WON !!! I'm guessing we'll see more of these events --- way to go, Erin! Luv Ya.