Saturday, March 27, 2010


This lovely lady has a piece of cheesecloth dyed lavender to cover her head.
This doll has a silk scarf and a tattooed face with a very sweet smile I think.
I used a piece of gray dyed cheesecloth on this doll. I really like the lacy effect; almost like she is covered with cobwebs.


Vanessa said...

And there I was wondering how the Vanessa Dolls were doing... just what is our relationship anyway? namesakes, god-dolls (sounds somehow pagan, implying doll worship)? If you still have your Straw Mountain Studio page (you talked about taking it down), would the complete collection be there?

(hey)Jude said...

Well, I think they must all be namesakes. I took down my blog. It was costing $147/year and in three years, I had had one inquiry. I could not see any bnenfit to it so now my only internet presence is my blog, which I love! There are 11 Vanessa Dolls. Some our out in boutiques and some are here on my wall.