Saturday, February 27, 2010


I had to go out this afternoon and shovel a pathway through two-foot deep snow to put the corn out for our deer. It was kinda refreshing!
And, it was good that I did. Within about 30 minutes the first deer arrived. I stood inside at the back door and we looked intently at each other, but she seemed content to eat and was not afraid. Hopefully they are getting used to us! Isn't she beautiful? I think this is a "she". Heck, I don't know! She has beautiful long eye lashes.


Deborah said...

Great photos!She doesn't look afraid.

KathyB said...

You and the deer BOTH look good.
( Don't worry anyone; I've seen her studio. I've seen her 'stuff'. She has PLENTY of material ! ) You can be quite happy at home. So... its not so bad to be snowed in anyway ... right?