Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Left side of black denim jeans.
Right side of the same pair. Back of a black linen jacket.
Front of the same jacket.


Anonymous said...

Wow! The jacket is perfect (jeans, too)! Is it my size? I think it would work well with the vest from a few months ago. Really sharp.

Jude said...

Thanks Suze!
I think the jacket might be too long for you, however, you DO know where to go and try it on right? They both went in the boutique yesterday! I have 4 more pair of black jeans waiting for bleach and paint (as soon as I get the taxes done).

Deborah said...

Your talents are endless!

Jude said...

Oh Deborah, I just like to try new things! Thanks!

JM said...

What a stunning set! It's hard to believe they are denim! Absolutely beautiful Jude!
Hugs and miss you!
Joan :)

Jude ** said...

Thanks Joan! I have been really lucky recently, having sold more wearable art in the last 4 months than I did in 5 years in New Mexico. I am just amazed! Miss you too and glad you are visitng my blog!

JM said...

Hey Jude! That's fantastic news! I always said New Mexico was the place to create and everywhere else is for selling! So happy to hear you're doing so well there...You deserve it and so much more!
Oh, and I always look over your blog...I just don't always have time to comment.