Sunday, August 15, 2010


Today we ventured out between the raindrops to attend the "Art Fair on the Boardwalk" at Conneaut Lake Park. It was so beautiful! The entire boardwalk was lined with white vendor tents showing painting, sculpture, photography, the requisite jewelry, stained glass, metal work, and some fabulous handmade art dolls. It was a very good thing that there was jewelry there because I left home without any earrings! (oh my).
Standing up on the boardwalk you have a nice view of the beach and can appreciate a cool breeze too.
This building is the Beach Club and you can see some pretty jazzy beach front homes across the lake. I grew up here and remember fondly weekend dates to the park; the best part had to be the hand cut french fries, served in a newspaper cone with vinegar. I can taste then this minute! Behind the boardwalk is the park itself with adult and children's carnival rides and various places to get food and drink. Of course, the park seems smaller now, and worn and shabby, but in my mind it is still the best of what it was like growing up here.
Today I remembered......and it was good.

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