Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Welcome to the Crawford County Fair! I hope that through the following photographs you will know the essence of a county fair in rural Pennsylvania. I remember my Father taking my sisters and me to the fair and I have strong memories of lots of mud, cotton candy and a lot of animals! It's been over fifty years since I have been to this fair. It is larger, cleaner (still muddy) and quite grand in what it offers. There are still bright eyed kids showing their 4-H projects and show barns of hand made items, baked goods, quilts and rows of farm implements. Tomorrow I will post more photographs.
(All photographs containing horses are for Vanessa.)
Awww..... baby pigs!
Is this the most handsome goat you have ever seen? And so photogenic!
This beauty was in line to enter the judging arena.
I promise many more tomorrow!

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