Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Ah, the rest of the fair pictures! This is the place operated by a local Methodist Church; the place where we found homemade elderberry pie. What a strong memory from my childhood. My Grandmother would send us girls out with a pan and instructions to bring back enough elderberries to make at least one pie; and it was magnificent! Roy and I spent a lot of time in the bunny barn and Roy made friends with all of them.
Even though I was totally disappointed that there was no Farris wheel, there was a beautiful carousel.
And the size of these sunflower heads was not to be believed!
Here you can see a really long display of farm produce.
And, these vegetable baskets were beautiful enough to grace the cover of a magazine!
This is the display of crocheted quilts and afghans.....
...and these are just a few of the many quilts that filled the length of this show barn.
We will go back each year to celebrate all that is sweet and good about our new home. However, successive years will not have the surprise and joy and the memories that this one had. It was a wonderful day....

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