Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I did promise you photographs of our local coffeehouse, didn't I! Well, here they are. It is comfortable, welcoming and an intimate setting that makes you feel like you are at your best friends home. And, neither of you has to wash the dishes!
In addition to fantastic sandwiches and soups, you can purchase greeting cards and works by local artists. There are also books you can borrow or keep.
Today was a "free stuff" event at the coffeehouse. We are hoping this will become a regular happening. Roy and I took lots of books, some movies, some LP records (good grief we are old), some cast iron cookware that is just too heavy for me to handle with grace, and some dishes and odds and ends. Everything found a home which was wonderful! We sat and chatted with friends, drank great coffee and had scones. Mary's scones are my favorite. The best! When you come to Mountainair, NM this is the place to be. Give me a call and I will buy you a cup!


Anonymous said...

Nice place but where are the people? In the Pomona Art Colony there is a simliar place that is in a used book store. So much more inviting than the chain coffee houses. I am always surprised that people have time during the day to just sit and chat! Damn my Puritan work ethic! I put things on my curb for free and they disappear. I like the idea of Free! Dee

judemowris said...

We were there for a couple of hours and I waited until there were NOT a lot of people as my purpose was to shoot pictures of the coffeehouse. Remember our population of about 1000 and that the majority are hard working ranchers and farmers who do NOT sit around and drink coffee. While we were there a very large contingent of people connected with movie production here in New Mexico came in for coffee. It was packed!