Wednesday, August 27, 2008


John Michael is a conductor on the Santa Fe Railroad. As a young boy he traveled to Santa Fe with his family to meet a guest at the train station. As they waited, "Mike" watched in wonder as the conductor, in his blue suit, punched tickets and helped ladies to board all the while paying close attention to his watch. The very best part, however, was when he stepped up onto the train, grabbed the handrail, and leaning out over the platform with all pomp and circumstance would yell, "All Aboard!". From that day on, Mike knew this is what he wanted to do. The power he would have, to hold that mighty train at bay until he yelled "All Aboard !". Mike is also Bradford's best friend, since they were small boys. They fished and swam together and built a secret tree house in Bradford's back yard. Bradford even asked him to be his best man at The Wedding That Never Happened.


Anonymous said... could have a small booklet that tells the story that is given when you sell the doll. Dee

judemowris said...

Ahhh..Dee. IF I sell my dolls. I am getting kinda attached to them! But yes, that is a marvelous idea!