Sunday, August 24, 2008


Every year at the end of August, Mountainair NM presents their "Sunflower Festival". Although it changes some every year there is one constant that is truly wonderful. I offer you a glimpse of the Children's Sunflower Art ! This is generally the first class assignment/project of the year in the Mountainair schools and is eagerly anticipated by the students as well as the residents. The sunflower artwork is displayed in the store front windows and the children are anxious to show off their art to family and friends. The colors this year were especially bright and photographing them behind glass was a challenge. However, the effect is wonderful, don't you think? Enjoy!


Kristine Lauritsen said...

Hi Jude - love your photos and they were well done even behind the glass - I don't recall ever seeing these many pictures by the kids on display in town over the last 3 years - all great!

judemowris said...

Thanks! I thought the colors were just magnificant this year! I hope the children's art endures for a very long time.