Saturday, August 2, 2008


I have been looking at primitive dolls and I like what I see. So, I decided to give it a try. This first one is finished and I am ready to make the next!
The first thing I did was "rust" some fabric. This is easy to do by wetting any cotton or silk fabric and then putting it in a plastic bag with metal pieces that will rust. Periodically I sprayed into the bag with a 50/50 mixture of water and vinegar. It took about 48 hours to get the amount of rust I wanted. Then I designed a pattern for my doll. The pattern was placed on the fabric and cut out, stitched up and stuffed. Let the fun part began!
The entire doll body was darkened (grunged) by sponging it with a mixture of coffee and vanilla. As it dried it left a wonderful mottled look that simulates what this poor doll might have looked like if she HAD been left under the porch for several years. Then I made some pantaloons and a skirt for her. The skirt was made from raw silk and you can see it took the rust very well! I painted her bodice and gave her some wispy hair using embroidery floss. Her face is done in colored pencil. The final step is to rough up her seams ( to look more aged) by using an emery board and then rubbing cinnamon into the seams to simulate years of dirt that would accumulate there. She needs a name........any suggestions?


Anonymous said...

She is wonderful! Wonderful Wanda. Did you do all hand stitching or machine? Now I want to make dolls again. Dee

judemowris said...

Dee, I machine stitched the body parts together. Then I hand stitched the arms and legs to the torso and hand stitched the clothing onto the doll. so glad you like her! If you make a doll and send me a photo of it, I will put it right here on my blog!

Doll*Shoppe said...

Great job on your first doll. I'm sure she will be the first of many to come!

judemowris said...

DollShoppe, Thanks! I just took a walk through your blog and marketplace and your dolls are stunning! I have miles to go I see! My blog is quite new; so, how did you find it?