Thursday, August 14, 2008


This is Martha, Annie's newest friend. She is 19 inches tall and has a rather stern look. She is a thin and lanky spinster school teacher and she carries a prairie bag containing a leather journal and a small paperback poetry book. Her knees are hinged so she sits nicely on a shelf. She is wearing a rusted and stained skirt and a gauze shirt held together by a rusty safety pin. Her book bag is stained and painted and now feels much like canvas. It is held over her shoulder by a twine strap with a small rusted bell attached. She is retired now, and not sure how to occupy her days.


Anonymous said...

During the depression all school teachers were unmarried! Married women were 'taken care of' by males so were not allowed to teach. WWII changed all of that. Yes they were stern and sometimes very mean. You captured the look perfectly. cheers Dee

judemowris said...

Martha thanks you Dee! We are working on her attitude:)