Saturday, September 19, 2009


Recently we were discussing the need to have more ferns in the planting areas around the house. This is one of the areas before we planted ferns. Don't you just love that moss growing across and around the bricks?We mentioned to family members that we were going to go buy some ferns. Sweet and gentle people that they are, they pointed out that we might just want to transplant some of the Hundreds Of Ferns we have in our forest! Terrific idea! They have a shallow root base and took the move easily. I plan to move more of them for sure! Here you can see how much nicer it looks with the new ferns.
Oh, we have no idea who might be buried in our front planter but I'm not too concerned , are you? Actually, my plan is to bring those markers inside this winter and mosaic them! In the meantime, they do cause one to pause and reflect, huh.

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Anonymous said...

I bet those are markers for someone's pets. Yeah for an update with mosaic. Ferns are lovely! Here some of the people from Asia raid forests to pick(kill) ferns ...As I understand there is a great food dish that they prepare. Great to start getting updated photos. cheers D