Sunday, September 6, 2009


A couple of days after we moved in, I looked out the french doors on the upper deck and saw NINE wild turkeys in our front yard. This cleared area is what we lovingly refer to as our front yard. They were too far away to get a clear photograph for you. They were just ambling along, pecking at the ground and then slowly they headed off into the woods. Now, I shell dried corn and scatter the kernels for them. They are such fun to watch! The day after our first turkey sighting, I looked out to see a very large doe and two fawns; all spotted and Bambi-like. They were eating the vegetation at the far end of our "front yard". Hopefully I will have my camera ready the next time they come through. The doe kept raising her head and looking in the direction of the house, but never seemed afraid and stayed there with her twins for several minutes. They also ambled off into the forest. We need to get signs to put up along our property edges as hunting season gets really nutty around here. How long will it take us to post 6.5 acres? Sheeesh......


Vanessa said...


No problem, not once a few local hunters get to know the same Jude that real estate agents, UPS delivery drivers, etc. know (but may not have come to love like the rest of us do) and the word gets out - which it will - there won't be a hunter in the Tri-State area who does not know about your sanctuary.

The spot will be marked on their maps with either the Hazmat symbol or a skull & crossbones. Deer and turkeys (teen agers most likely) will hang out at the perimeters flipping the bird (whatever the animal equivalent would be) at any passing hunters.

(hey)Jude said...

LOL !!!! Actually, a well aimed shot over the head should get the message out!