Monday, September 28, 2009


I understand, I really do. Winter here will be long.........and wet.......and white........and did I mention long? Every time we meet someone new who finds out we are from "somewhere in the desert", the first question is "Are you ready for our winters?" Good grief....... We get it! I personally think winter is also a curious state of mind. I understand I might not be able to leave the house every day (and those of you who know me do know that has never really been an issue) . So, lets move on people; your weather that you are wearing like some kind of badge of honor will be respected by us 'desert people" and I think we can handle it. The first year we lived in our straw bale home with a plywood floor and open foundation was cold. Yes indeed it was. We knew this the morning we woke up to find that the cat's water dish on the floor had frozen over. So, I do believe we will be fine. (rant over)
Now, about those projects! Here is a photograph of my shopping trip this morning. This pile of "stuff" will eventually turn into a sweater made from a lamb's wool and polyester fiber called "Rose Heather". This will require some precision (like counting stitches) so will be an exercise in patience. I will share results, good or bad!


Anonymous said...

I do not see much difference between staying inside when it is 100 plus and staying inside when it is cold raining! I like change and a chance to do different venues. I do not feel the need to 'go go' all the time. Enjoy your wintertime activities. cheers D

Anonymous said...

Hi Dee!
I KNEW you would get it! I am actually looking forward to the beauty of our woods when trees are bare and black and standing tall in a carpet of white. I think it will be lovely!