Saturday, September 5, 2009


Moving requires finding all sorts of things; like a new medical doctor, new eye doctor, new dentist, new auto repair shop, new grocery store, and on and on. We all know, however, that THE MOST important thing to find is the right person to cut my hair. And, I found her right out of the gate! Actually, I saw a lady on the street who had a fabulous haircut so I stopped her and asked "who cuts your hair"? She gave me the name and telephone number and I immediately called. It had been about 10 weeks and shaggy can't begin to describe the look I had. Oh my! Amanda gave me the best haircut I have had in probably 15 years. Here is a photo of her place. It is called "Park Avenue Styles" and is located in a wonderful old converted home with small rooms and leaded windows. Lets hope the search for other important people and places goes as well!

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