Friday, July 4, 2008


This is another project I have been working on recently. It involved combining fabric and paper to create a collage. The first 2 photographs show the two elements I started with. It grew from there rather quickly. I started by tearing an oil pastel painting I had done several years ago into 6 random pieces.
These were glued onto the colorful fabric piece shown here.
Immediately I decided it was not large enough! I tore an old striped sheet into a large piece and started laying down elements. I had created some fabric paper recently so cut those into smaller pieces and started gluing them on. Many layers later, along with a piece of lace and some sheer fabric and acrylic paint I think it is now done! Because of the glue and the paint it is quite stiff and could hang on the wall with a couple of rings on the back. It measures 24 X 26.


KathyB in BR said...

Love this idea. I am a little concerned. Did you say you enlarged it ? Oooh, you are headed in my direction now. You might soon begin an ATC and it will grow and GROW until you have large wall art, ... or a mural for a municipal building. Look out ! It may be out of control soon !
I really like the way this turned out, though.


judemowris said...

As you WELL KNOW, sometimes a subject/element just needs to be a certain size. That was the case here. I loved doing it and have several more somewhat boring oil pastels that will follow a similar path. Wait and watch!