Thursday, July 3, 2008


Ahh, dear readers: I have been having a whole lot of fun! While in Pennsylvania my daughter bought me a terrific denim jacket! Of course, it was just so plain. So, here for your viewing pleasure are before and after photos of said jacket. I can hardly wait until it is cold enough to wear it! See how nicely worn but very plain this jacket is? This wonderful jacket has miles and miles of hand stitching around some graphics cut from a thrift store sweatshirt. I added a piece of colorful fabric, some paint, some Gemagic stones for sparkle and a few trinkets hanging off the front. Some of the sweatshirt graphics I painted on, the rest I left gray as they were originally. Thank you dear daughter!


i_b_erin said...

Hey Jude,
I love the jacket!!! I have to admit, I am enjoying using all my trims that I have been stashing for years. This jacket is great inspiration for using and recycling.

I loved reading thru your blog, the shoes are fab, the party for your mother-so touching! and of course the shoes are STUNNING!!

THANKS for sharing! said...

Glad you liked the jacket! I had a lot of fun doing it. You know, MORE really IS better! Have you decorated any shoes? And, if not, when? Would love to see photos when you do, ok?

Kathleen Nancy said...

Hey Sis,
The jacket is great ! Especially the back ! Oh, I have 2 fab red "eyes" if you want 'em. (tee hee hee)

judemowris said...

Enough with the red eyes!!!! (grin)