Friday, July 11, 2008


The second art journal challenge was to create a page referencing our favorite childhood toy. This was an easy one! My favorite toy was a blue metal steam shovel that I played with in the sandbox which my Father had built and situated under a plum tree. As wonderful as that steam shovel was, an equally strong memory is the taste of a shiny, almost black plum, warm from the sun. The sand box provided a soft place for these ripe plums and they never seemed to split or bruise. It was easy to brush off the sand, wipe it on my shirt and then bite into a warm sweetness that even today transports me back in time to the sandbox and that blue steam shovel. I also included a recipe for plum jam on the page!


aimee said...

oh so nice jude! i get so much inspiration from our art journal group. keep journaling & sharing please. p.s. yay for 3 a.m. creativity!

judemowris said...

Aimee, thanks! This actually was difficult as I generally deal in layers and abstracts and texture as opposed to realistic drawing, which scares me to death! The simplicity of this page was important, to see if I COULD do it! I kept wanting to glue something over it!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful memory! "Boy" and "girl" toys were never an issue, were they?

KathyB said...

I remember that steam engine. Thanks for bringing that back for me.
I like the look of your journalling quilts. Hope you file a copy of the text. I imagine that they read like gentle, loose, poetry.

candy said...

wonderful watercolors!!