Friday, July 25, 2008


We have been living with saggy brown insulation for ceilings for several years. No more! We now have ceilings in the bedroom and in my studio and in the bathroom. We still need them finished in the closet and laundry room. I woke up this morning and did NOT look up to read "fiberglass insulation". It was wonderful! The next step is to get them painted. I am so happy! We also took this opportunity to rearrange the rooms and remove unnecessary stuff. Minimalism is starting to work for me I think.
The viga poles really look beautiful against all the white spaces.


Anonymous said...

You must be painting because there are no new exciting art projects on your blog. Is Altered Courtier out with your new work? cheers DEE

judemowris said...

You are correct in a way. I am repairing the mud plaster on some of the straw bale walls, but last night I did cut out a pattern for another primitive doll!