Friday, July 4, 2008


A couple of days ago I joined a brand new yahoo discussion group devoted to the pursuit of art journaling. If any of my dear readers are art journaling or would like to begin, this is the group for you! Yesterday the group leader, Rice Freeman-Zachery challenged all of us to create (within 24 hours) a journal page about a meal. Go here to read the challenge : If you are interested in art journaling, we would love to have you join!
Here are photos of what I created last evening, after dinner of course. The page is called "Just a Thursday Dinner". It was a fun project. I used materials that were within reach on my work table which included; my journal, acrylic paints, some pressed flowers, a gold leafing pen, a Micron Pigma permanent ink pen, and some fabric/paper scraps from a previous project. Here are the results!


Vanessa said...

Just on yahoo groups (largest but by no means only host of online groups) alone: 355 journaling groups and 151
art journaling art journaling groups.

Here's another: Michelle Ward's "What is art journaling" blog post. Short answer - a journal not so unlike any other but as much or more visual as textual and, natch, embellished...

Blogging itself is also considered a form of journaling, so perhaps blogging art and images could be considered kin said...

Michelle's name has come up in the new group already! Her journals are terrific. I too would LOVE to see them in person; touch them and see all of the elements.