Sunday, November 1, 2009


Huh. I am amazed. Some people STILL do not have their outside Christmas lights up! Ahh..but you know me. I am nutty for the best time of the year. I love the decorating, the baking, the gift making and wrapping. It all just gets me so excited so we have already put up some of the exterior decorations. Yeah, I know. It's just too much . Just humor me. That's what Roy does. (tee hee)


KathyB said...

I got a neighbor who's got you beat ! - the lights have been up since Dec. 27 last year !

Seriously though, it's not even Nov. -but if Christmas stuff makes you happy, you go for it! I love Christmas too. Wish I could be there to enjoy it with you. (I also would play in your "box of crayons"-what fun we could have! )
Soon you will have your bare trees and white snow. Stay warm. Seeya

Jude said...

It IS November you goose! I wish you could be here for Christmas too. Erin and Chris are coming! They both bought entire new ski stuff (equipment and clothes) this weekend so maybe will go skiing when they are here. Guess It is time to make cut out cookies and put them in the freezer (grin)
Love ya!
Jude *