Monday, November 16, 2009


In November 2008 I showed you a photograph of the cover of a fabulous quilt book showcasing fabric designs and quilts by Kaffe Fassett. I was blown away by the colors and patterns and decided then to begin assembling fabrics to try and replicate his use of color. Now, almost a year later and in a very different part of the country, I have finished my homage to Kaffe Fassett. Last month I assembled the 3 main components of the quilt; the top, the backing and the fiberfill for inside. Since I didn't have access to his fabrics, or even a fabric store, I managed to get the closest by using pieces I already had and filling in the palette with selections from the local "superstore"( not know for a large array of fabric choices). I think I accomplished my goal and the colors are much deeper than they appear here, draped over the balcony rail. It looks just wonderful in the guest room and really is warm. Now, I am free to begin a million projects I had put on hold until this was completed. Stay tuned!

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