Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Here, in photographic form, are bits and pieces of some special moments during this holiday season. My son and daughter from Albuquerque were here to help us celebrate our first Christmas in our new home. We hosted the First Annual Family Gift Exchange dinner and I must tell you that fifteen people can really raise a din! We had a wonderful time! Dinner included turkey, classic sage dressing as well as oyster stuffing, mashed potatoes, oven-roasted vegetables, cranberry sauce and challah bread. After dinner we opened the exchanged gifts (here are my children, Chris and Erin. Apparently it was a very tiring trip)).
It looks like Roy and Mother are waiting for their turn to open a gift.
After the gifts had been opened we moved on to the dessert table which included assorted holiday cookies, that famous adult fruitcake, a cherry pie, a pumpkin pie and a mince pie. Yeah, we ate too much.
On Christmas morning we had a special brunch which included Roy and me, Erin and Chris and Mother. We had fresh from the oven popovers with honey, sliced ham and a vegetable fratatta. rum fruitcake and vanilla biscotti flavored coffee.
One of the nights during the week the four of us made our own pizzas. Recently I bought six well seasoned individual pizza pans that used to be used at Pizza Hut. They make wonderful pizzas!
I know, it sounds like all we did was eat but this was NOT the case. We played board games (Starwars Monopoly and a Harry Potter Clue game) . . . and attacked the puzzle from hell. One thousand pieces of balls of yarn and kittens. This photograph shows a display of small wooden houses and tiny wooden cars that my Mother and step-father made some years ago. They have a special place of honor every year in our home.
These are stockings that belong to Roy and me.
These two photographs show my ever expanding collection of Santa Clauses.
This nativity has been in my family for many years. When my children were very young I bought the small figurines and painted them. They are lovingly put out every year.
I hope all of you, my readers, had a special time with family and friends. It has been an event filled year for us but certainly ended with wonderful moments with family. I can hardly wait to see what 2010 is going to be like! Best wishes to each of you for a creative and fulfilling New Year.


Deborah said...

Everything looks lovely and it sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas! I hope you enjoy the rest of the holidays and have a happy new year!

Anonymous said...

There several dishes that I have never heard of. What a banquet you served! Great seeing all of the celebrations. I really like you latest piece of art. Surroundings do inspire out art. cheers D

(hey)Jude said...

And a Happy New Year to you also Deborah!
Dee, glad you liked the new art piece. It is radically different from anything else I have done but I thought it through and had a plan (something I NEVER do) and it came together quite easily. I may try this minimalist (for me anyway) design again!