Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Today Mother, Roy and I went to the Meadville Senior Center to attend an art class and have lunch. What an impressive center it is. I took a plastic box with paints and scissors and a brayer and paper towels and gold leaf pen and everything I thought I might need. Painting was not on MY agenda of course. Mother took a cloth bag with watercolor paper, paints and brushes. She had previously sketched out a basic layout for a painting of the very tall trees in the woods behind her home. We had a grand time! They have a large Art Room with cupboards full of art supplies in case you don't have your own. Roy managed to locate paper and paints and produced a lovely painting of an Acoma Pot in a desert setting. Mother's painting came together very fast; she has not lost her touch.
Before lunch was served, we were treated to a half hour of singing by a local barbershop group. We noted that one of the singers was blind and was singing from a songbook in braille. They were much better than I had thought they would be and the Santa hats were a sweet touch. After the concert, lunch was served by the kitchen staff. Today's menu: baked breaded fish, mac and cheese, orange juice, stewed tomatoes, wheat bread and fruited jello with whipped cream . It was well prepared, tasty and quite substantial for $2.00. And, we were encouraged to have second helpings as long as there was food available.
We will be returning every Tuesday for art class as long as Mother wants to attend. We really did have a good time, even though Roy and I were the youngest people there. Not sure I am ready to commit to any Senior Center but the people we met today were friendly and interested in getting to know us. VERY nice people!
When our art pieces are finished, I will post photographs of them.

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