Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Bags 5 and 6 are complete and this is the end of the project. The first bag is mine and the remaining five will be put in the boutique tomorrow. I think they might make good holiday gifts! This one is actually my favorite one. It has some vintage lace on it as well as strips of multi-colored organza. The interior is turquoise twill with pockets and closure.
This bag is all pink and lace and pale green.....very feminine. The interior is an eggplant twill. If any of you, my readers, would like one of these bags, just drop me a line off site and we can chat.
Now, on to the next project. Not sure what that is!


jess said...

You *MADE* those!? Incredible! I love them!

(hey)Jude said...

Thanks Jess! I have put them out for sale so lets hope the rest of the world loves them as much as you do!