Monday, December 28, 2009


Abena lives and works in Offinsu, Ghana. She has petitioned KIVA ( a not for profit organization that makes loans to small business owners), for a loan to help her in her business.
I began making loans to women in Africa and as the loans are repaid, I am able to continue the process by making additional loans. My first loan has been paid in full and the second one is 47% repaid as of this month and is on schedule. My first two women were involved in buying and selling fabrics. Abena is my third business partner. This is the information copied from her application on the KIVA site.
Loan Use: To expand her business by purchasing a bulk supply of raw ingredients of palm oil. "'Abena is a 50-year-old married woman and mother of six children. Currently, three of her children are in school, while the rest of her children are independent and live on their own. She works hard to support her husband in taking care of their home. To earn a living, she is a producer and supplier of local palm oil. Palm oil is produced from palm nuts, and is used to prepare many local dishes like fried fish, soups, and pastries. She produces and supplies palm oil to food vendors so that they can prepare their meals for their customers. She also sells palm nuts to those who need them for further processing. Unfortunately, her palm oil production has been hampered as of late due to insufficient working capital; more specifically, she cannot to afford a machine to assist with palm oil processing. In any event, she is seeking a loan to buy more bags of palm nuts to increase her production of palm oil. She believes that this loan will enable her to save more for her children's education. She would be grateful for your assistance. "
If you would like to help someone with a small business loan, you can read more about this terrific organization at


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Great going... you and your ladies are turning into an international conglomerate.

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