Wednesday, December 16, 2009


We woke this morning inside a snow globe. Our entire world is black and white and quite beautiful! The bird seed feeders have tall white roofs and everything looks very soft. This is our muffin top table on the tiny porch outside my kitchen door.
With the snow on the ground, it seems I can see farther into Our Woods. Isn't it lovely? It should be easier now to spot our deer and that silly gaggle of turkeys that slog along in a line pecking at the ground and hopping over branches. Love those guys!
This is our neighbor's home. We can't see it at all in the summer but now that the trees are quite nude, we can see it clearly.
This is the view from my studio windows.
So, our black and white world inside this snow globe is here for your pleasure. I am told we will get used to this but right now I am spending a lot of time just looking out windows.


Anonymous said...

Wow it is beautiful.. One of These photos would be great on your opening page now that you have moved away from the adobe. hummm? Dee

(hey)Jude said...

HI Dee,
Glad you liked the photos. I am just not ready to "leave" that gate. We put so much love into that home and according to my blog map, I have had over 3,000 hits and my readers are comfortable with what they have come to expect. So, no changes at this time!

Deborah said...

Beautiful photos! The first time guests woke up at our house in NE PA after a snow, the first thing they said was that they woke up and thought they were in a snow globe. It really does feel that way.