Saturday, October 10, 2009


These beauties are all over our steps and deck. They just keep falling and falling. Tomorrow I guess I'll sweep them make room for more!
The driveway is covered with leaves and I think it looks like a beautiful Persian carpet.
Very soon the yellows and reds and oranges will be gone and our world and Our Woods will be a quiet study in black and white. Stay tuned.......


JM said...

Fall looks colorful there in PA! I'm surrounded mostly by cedar, hemlock, and fir trees so I don't have the beautiful fall leaves. My fruit trees don't seem to turn color before they drop their leaves either. I just have to drive out of the local neighborhood to see all the colors though. :)
I'm so glad you show us your part of the world...for me - it's my way of traveling! ;)
Hugs to you and Roy,

Anonymous said...

And backatcha!
Jude *