Monday, October 12, 2009


I now have a wonderful piece of felt attached to a piece of molding in my studio where I can "audition" fabric and designs for art quilts. You can see from this photograph that I can step way back to get an idea how a piece might look from a distance. This photograph shows some pieces of muslin fabric that I dyed this summer. It is a simple process where acrylic paint is squirted into a zip top bag which holds a small piece of wet muslin. You never know what it will look like! It's like opening a present! This is going to make designing a lot easier!


Anonymous said...

I want to try that method even though I do not use fabric! Beautiful d

Anonymous said...

Try it Dee! Maybe adhering fabric to your pieces would add a new dimension or style?

JM said...

Looks beautiful! I love the idea! Now I just want to know if you squished the paint around in the bag onto the fabric? Another words, I need more detail if you please. :) It looks like you squirted more then one color, yes?
Everything you try seems to work out beautifully!
Joan :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Joan; good to hear from you again! You are correct; wet the muslin and put it in the bag. Squirt in acrylic paints, any color combination you want. Squish it around a bit, but not too much or you will get a muddy color. Also, its nice to still have a bit of white fabric still left. Leave it in the bag until it is almost dry and then remove it carefully and let it dry completely. Don't smooth it out, just let it be all scrunched up. Then, when it is dry, smooth it out with your fingers and iron it with a dry iron to kinda set the paint. This leaves fold lines and looks a lot like batik! You gonna try it?