Sunday, October 18, 2009

FIRST ANNUAL OCTOBER FAMILY FEST....(photos by Bill Williams)

Getting ready to walk in the woods. The snowy holly bushes near the front door.
Trees, walking sticks and boots. A really big tree!
Roy bonding with that turkey...a platter of white and a platter of dark. It was fabulous!
Suze and Jude pondering the finer points of good wine....
Elizabeth holding court....with Erin, Chris and Suze
From the dessert table.....a three layer honey fig cake with apricot jam between layers and powdered sugar on top. It was indeed delicious!
A close up shot of walnut stuffed dates rolled in sugar. This tasty treat has been a part of my holiday memories created years ago and a favorite of Mother's.
A place setting which includes this really cool turban squash. I just loved the colors on it!
Two tables end to end to accommodate 13 people.
This post is dedicated to all the family members who were not able to attend this year. We all hope you can come next year for the Second Annual October Family Fest. We missed you!
Stay tuned for "The Story of The Quilts".............


Anonymous said...

Great pictures! Lots of old favorites on the menu, I see! If I can be there next year, I would love to make the poppy-seed/sesame-seed bread, OK? -cshoe

jude said... are on! I would love to have you here to bake with me!